Ellie & Mila
What We Did
  • Brand Consultation
  • Store Design
  • Budget Friendly Solutions
  • Collaborative Design Process
  • Training Sessions
How we brought Ellie & Mila's custom creations to life in a thriving online shop.
Hand-stitched designs meeting click-worthy charm. Ellie & Mila, purveyors of personalized embroidered denim jackets, shoes, and backpacks, were ready to take their passion from Etsy to Shopify. But they needed a partner who understood their unique style and could translate it into a seamless shopping experience. That's where GGILabs came in.
We dove deep into Ellie & Mila's world, understanding their brand vision, target audience, and specific needs. With their artistic flair in mind, we crafted a captivating Shopify store that showcased their stunning designs in all their glory. High-quality product photos, detailed descriptions, and intuitive navigation allowed customers to easily visualize and personalize their perfect piece. To capture the handcrafted essence, we integrated a user-friendly design tool, empowering customers to add their own unique touches.

About Ellie & Mila

Customize with us!

Introducing Ellie + Mila Boutique, a little shop full of personalized charm, named after the owner's precious daughters, Elliana and Mila. The story began with birthday gifts and custom denim jackets for her girls, and soon, her passion for unique styles blossomed. Seeing how much kids (and parents!) loved her creations fueled her dream, and before she knew it, Ellie + Mila Boutique was born!
Today, it's not just jackets anymore. They've expanded with backpacks, shoes, apparel, cosmetic bags, and more - anything custom and fun! At Ellie + Mila, they believe in celebrating individuality. Each customizable item is a blank canvas waiting to be transformed into a wearable masterpiece, reflecting your unique spark. They're here to sprinkle a touch of magic into your wardrobe, and they hope you'll love their creations as much as they love crafting them for you!

RG Collective
How We Helped
Unveiling the Vision
Brand Consultation
We embarked on a collaborative brainstorming session with Ellie & Mila, delving into their target audience, brand DNA, and product universe. Imagine, translating their passion for personalized style into a digital haven!
Designing for Delight
Store Design
With their unique aesthetic in mind, we carefully selected a Shopify theme that resonated with their brand. Then, we crafted compelling product pages - think professional photos, captivating descriptions, and crystal-clear pricing. Every detail spoke volumes about Ellie & Mila's dedication to quality and personalization.
Smart Solutions, Stellar Results
Budget Friendly Solutions
We put on our budget-conscious thinking caps, scouring the Shopify marketplace for the best apps and plugins to enhance the store's functionality, all while keeping costs in check. Remember, it's about maximizing impact, not just spending big.
Hand-in-Hand, Brand to Digital
Collaborative Design Process
We fostered a collaborative design process, ensuring Ellie & Mila were actively involved in every decision. Why? Because their story, their vision, is what truly makes the store sing. This way, the digital experience seamlessly aligns with their personal brand and resonates deeply with their audience.
Empowering Independence
Training Sessions
We didn't just build a store; we equipped Ellie & Mila with the knowledge to manage it. Through comprehensive training sessions, we covered everything from best practices to future enhancements, ensuring they can confidently run their online haven without needing us every step of the way.
RG Collective
Ellie + Mila Boutique's magic deserved a website as special as their creations. GGILabs delivered, crafting a user-friendly platform that reflects their unique charm and love for personalization. Just like their custom gifts, the website is a canvas for individuality, making it a joy to browse and shop.
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